5 great Jewelry packing ideas

Packing jewelry for travel has always been a tedious task. We don't want to look at a pile of mess when we open our bags during travel, do we?

Here are 5 great jewelry packing hacks that will help you secure your jewelry during travel so that you can accessorize yourself to look gorgeous and to get a great deal of pictures to upload online!


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1. Empty Toilet Paper Rolls

Use empty toilet paper rolls, to fit in bangles and put them in a zip-lock pouch or a plastic carry bag.




2. Buttons to the rescue!

Tired of looking out for those tiny studs that betray you and travel to another dimension inside your travel bag? Here's a hack.

Use buttons to pin them and keep them safe inside a zip-lock pouch or an old empty mint box.


3. Use an Empty Pill Case

For those medium sized earrings, pill cases are a great holder. They are compact and you can also arrange your earrings according to the day you would like to wear them during your tour.



4. Styrofoam plates

If you have to pack any heavy jewelry like Jhumkas and Chaandbalis, styrofoam plates are the right choice. Take a styrofoam plate and hang all your earrings or studs and put the plate inside a zip-lock pouch.


5. Safety Pins

Use safety pins to hang all your thin chains and bracelets and put them in a zip-lock pouch to carry. This way, you can ensure they don't get tangled when you pull them out for use.



Bonus tip

Carry a pack of excess rubber earring stoppers in a mint box, just in case you lose any while dolling up!





Picture Courtesy - Google Images, Pinterest

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