DIY Jewelry holders

Organising Jewelry has always been our biggest nightmare. As excited as we get to wear the jewelry, we are too tired at the end of the day to even place the jewelry back in its boxes. 
Here are few DIY Jewelry Holders, that will help you organise your jewelry, you bought from the House Of Jhumkas and hardly take a second to put them back in place!


Make these DIY earring holders and hang back your earrings, just like you hang them onto your ears.

1. Grater 

Take an unused grater and paint it with a colour of your choice and hang your earrings onto them. Make sure the grater is not rusted.
Re Purposed Cheese Grater

2. Chicken Net

Attach a piece of chicken net to an old unused frame. There you go, you can hang as many earrings as you want!
Cheap and Simple Homemade Shabby Chic Decor and Organizer | DIY Framed Jewelry Organizer by DIY Ready at

3. Empty CD Holder

Punch holes on the end of an empty CD and fix it to a holder. You can hang your earrings on to them now, and use them whenever you want!


1. Hangers

Take an unused hanger and remove the metal rod from it. On this empty hanger, make holes and attach small hooks, to hang your necklaces and chains
DIY jewelry holder--Why didn't I think of this? And mod podge some pretty fabric  on the hanger first

2. Tree Branches

Take a strong branch from a tree and attach hooks to it. Tie both ends of the branch with a generous length of a string and hang the branch up on a hook on your wall. You can now hang your chains and necklaces on to it.
Do you have a ton of jewelry but you dont know how to store it neatly? If you dont want to spend a fortune on specially made jewelry storage, then these tips and hacks can help.  This list presents genius storage solutions and ideas to better organize your jewelry and even display your pieces beautifully.

3. Coat Hangers

Use an empty coat hanger to hang your long chains and necklaces.
DIY Jewelry Holder TUTORIAL



1. Envelope Holder

Reuse an old envelope holder to slide in your bangles colourwise!

2. Candle Stand

An old unused candle stand is always the best choice to place your bangles and use them when in need. They also fit into your shelves easily.

3. Soda Bottles

Old Soda bottles can be used as a bangle holder. Paint them with crazy colours and place them in your shelves and slide in your bangles after use.

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